Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) Art Invitational - April 9th - April 30th

Indiana Wesleyan University’s 1920 Gallery is now accepting submissions for the exhibit “Expanding.” Please send a maximum of 5 Jpg images of your artwork(s) to sophie.stewart@indwes.edu by Wednesday, March 21.


God expanded our understanding of truth through the Incarnation. By holding together both humanity and divinity in the person of Christ, he expanded our understanding of truth through storytelling, signs and wonders, and finally through the death and resurrection of His body. As we anticipate the redemption of our own bodies and the continued coming of His Kingdom, we are compelled to expand our understanding of truth in order to know God more fully; with uncertainty and faith -- with mystery and knowability.

“I love to define mystery as not that which is unknowable, but that which is endlessly knowable. So you never get to the point where I know it all. And wouldn’t we assume that would be the nature of God? That God will always by definition be mystery. More knowability, more knowability, deeper experience, deeper surrender. So that’s the meaning of faith, and why faith has such power, not just to transform people but to keep them on an ongoing path of transformation and growth.” – Richard Rohr

The verb “expand” comes from the Latin expandere, meaning ‘to spread out,’ from ex ‘out’ + pandere, ‘to spread.’ The term expand can be defined simply as “to become or make larger or more extensive.” It can also mean “to give a fuller version or account of.” In the sciences, it describes the expanding of the universe and continuous change through physical means.

ELIGIBILITY: Must be a current student or faculty member at a CCCU-affiliated university. For a list of qualifying institutions visit: https://www.cccu.org/members_and_affiliates/.


2D work must be wall-hanging ready.                                                                                                        

Maximum 3D work must be able to fit through a standard doorway.


Please send a maximum of 5 high resolution jpeg images to sophie.stewart@indwes.edu, including your name, the title of each artwork, its year of creation, medium, dimensions and sale price. Please note that the gallery will receive 20% commission on artworks sold within the gallery.


Submission Deadline: Wednesday, March 21 to sophie.stewart@indwes.edu

Notification of Acceptance: Thursday, March 22

Delivery of artworks: No later than Wednesday, April 4 (please note that 1920 Gallery is unable to cover the cost of shipping).

Opening reception: Monday, April 9th from 5:00-7:00pm

Show dates: Monday, April 9th - April 30

We look forward to receiving your submissions! 

Sophie Stewart                                                                                                                                                1920 Gallery Fellow                                                                                                          sophie.stewart@indwes.edu