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1920 Gallery is seeking work for the juried exhibition titled, “Preservation of Memory.” Whether through text, rituals, souvenirs, photographs, monuments, memorials, or other mementos, we are compelled to keep or create objects that aid us in the recollection of the past or shape our present memory. This exhibition seeks work that explores how memory is created, stored and recalled as well as how we create or keep objects to ‘preserve’ memory and aid in the recollection process.

Some questions to be asked are: How do we preserve the past? How do we use objects to connect with our past? What happens when the objects we use are lost or deteriorate? How is our memory transformed by the objects we create? How do the objects inform our individual and collective identity?

Follow the link for submission information:


Tuesday, Dec 3 - Friday, Jan 10

Opening Reception:

Tuesday, Dec 3, 4:00PM - 5:30PM

Submission Deadline: Friday, Oct 25