“Https://” is the foundation of secure data communication for the World Wide Web. It functions to protect the privacy and integrity of data while in transit and protects it from hackers, eavesdropping, and tampering with the communication. As we launch this online community of artists, it seems only fitting to request submissions that conceptually and/or literally explores the nature of communication and data transfer via the World Wide Web. What happens to our data in-transit? How does disembodied communication impact our connection to others? How does the form of communication impact our relationships with other and ability to connect?

Submission Deadline: Monday, Oct. 1

Eligibility: Open nationally

Cost to submit: $3 (show us your confirmation email and you will receive a free sticker!)

How to submit:

Publish Date: Friday, Oct. 12

Art Club is a muscle building community for emerging artists. As an extension of our bi-weekly Art Club meetings, the zine provides an extracurricular space to make art based on a common theme and share share it with the world. 1920 believes that practice makes, so we want to invite you to start practicing and get making.